Improving performance by creating robust and efficient process structures within your business.

We work to improve our clients performance by creating robust and efficient process management.

Our full turn key service addresses management of projects which can become a complex area, particularly in the Rail, Civil Engineering and Nuclear sectors. We improve efficiency at every stage from Tender through to Final Account and beyond. Our specialism in all aspects of Cost, Project and Programme Management make our clients work load more manageable, reduce risk and increase profitability. Mansons Consultancy operate across the UK on multiple projects in a variety of sectors and are responsible for managing some of the largest, most complex engineering and construction projects of their kind for internationally renowned companies. Our knowledge and experience means we can provide these services to a diverse portfolio of projects and deliver a value for money solution to your needs.

Our focus is on you, and how our combined experience can work in sync to improve business and project performance. We do this by implementing best practice that has proven to strengthen strategy and process management from the outset. This, combined with our clients knowledge and experience means we can jointly de-risk future works, leading to an overall benefit to all parties. Our modern and tailored approach to Construction Consultancy is how we deliver these improvements. By offering a professional and transparent service we give confidence in our ability to deliver which helps to build solid and lasting relationships.

Mansons Consulting continue to work with some of the largest and most respected companies in the UK. Our reputation to deliver for these key organisations means we are ideally placed to offer our services to large or small, simple or complex projects and apply the same strategy, best practice and knowledge to standardise how businesses and projects are managed. Our aim is to show the benefits in involving us before works start and show how risk and opportunity is managed which leads to less disputes and a better outcome for all parties.